The Islamic Republic is Responsible for Ms. Shirin Ebadi’s Safety and Security

Ms. Shirin Ebadi is under threat again. IRNA News Agency, which is in charge of broadcasting local and global news, has become a tool in the hands of the right wing government against opponents and critiques of the Islamic Republic. This news agency has recently broadcasted allegations against Ms. Shirin Ebadi – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate – and has claimed that some of her dependents were converted to Baha’i faith. The clear intention is provoking religious zeal and wrong judgments against her.

Because of her persistent defending of human rights and protesting their violation by the Islamic Republic authorities, Ms. Shirin Ebadi who is the general secretary of “the Centre for the Defense of Human Rights”, is under pressure by the Islamic Republic and has frequently been threatened to death. Because of this, international organizations have objected pressures and threats against her and asked the Islamic Republic to secure her safety and to create appropriate grounds for her activities.

Ms. Shirin Ebadi’s acceptance to defend detained Baha’is is the excuse of IRNA allegations against her. Ms. Shirin Ebadi and her colleagues have volunteered to defend Baha’is civil rights that have been arrested and accused of espionage. This brave decision by them has caused them to be threatened in the regime’s media. Ascribing Ms. Ebadi’s dependents to Baha’i faith is only one excuse to put pressure on her once again. Her very presence in struggle against human rights violation in Iran, either by defending Baha’is rights or protesting against “Protecting Family” bill or any other aspect, is the main problem for IRNA.

We, along with international organizations express our deep concern on threats against Ms. Shirin Ebadi. According to the United Nations principles: “where, because of performing their duties, attorneys’ security are under threat, securing their safety and security is the responsibility of the government’s authorities”, we maintain the Islamic Republic as the key responsible body for the life and security of Ms. Shirin Ebadi. The Islamic Republic is Responsible for Ms. Shirin Ebadi’s Safety and Security.

Political-Executive Board of The Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian – Majority (OIPFM)

August 11, 2008


افزودن نظر جدید