Refer to the People for Resolving the Nuclear Crisis!

International and Iranian political communities are awaiting the Islamic Republic of Iran reaction to the proposed package which was recently submitted to the Iranian authorities by Javier Solana on behalf of group 5+1. The Islamic Republic has not yet responded decisively to it. Whilst threats from war monger circles in Washington, Tel Aviv, and Tehran are increasing, the peace loving forces are concerned that the Islamic Republic intensifies the nuclear dispute by responding irresponsibly or by killing time.

With regards to the proposed package, different reactions are observed among some political circles this time. In spite of heavy censorship on media and deprivation of political activists and experts on discussing the nuclear project, one reaction is in favor of accepting the package generality, with revision of some of its articles. This view has been reflected in media and web sites. Polls show that the majority of people are in favor of a positive reaction to the package and against policy of silence and negative reaction to it.

Our organization, by emphasizing on our country’s right to achieve nuclear technology, believes that the current situation is very critical and in its recent published statement stated:” Currently, the nuclear dispute has entered a critical moment of opportunities and threats. Group 5+1 package has created an opportunity to repel the threats. The Iranian officials who are the ultimate decision makers on nuclear program should recognize this historical moment and recognize the facts that the current dispute will not be resolved by continuing the same old policy. They should recognize the importance of their role and responsibility in ending the crisis or causing more difficult situations”.

In our view, within such a critical moment, the policy of silence or a negative reaction to the package will intensify the international sanction, accelerate the issuance of the Security Council fourth resolution, and intensify military threats against Iran. We believe that our national interests are in accepting the group 5+1 package as a base for negotiation between the two parties.

Within the last several years, the Islamic Republic has tried to induce this idea that the nuclear project is a national project and the Iranian people support nuclear project. As a rule, people decide on national project.

Now is time that, instead of parliament’s closed sessions and the Supreme Leader and High Security Council’s discussions behind the closed doors on the proposed package, exerts be able to discuss it freely and people should have their final verdict on it through a referendum.

To avoid making decision on country’s major issues by a few and due to the importance of the issue and the vital consequences of the decision on the proposed package, it would be logic to ask people’s view through the media for a certain period of time and, consequently submit the issue to a referendum. Referring to people’s view is a solution to the nuclear crisis and could save our country from international sanctions and military threat.

To resolve the nuclear dispute, it is necessary that the Islamic Republic refer to the people and base its reaction to the proposed package on people’s view. We ask political organizations and activists within the country and abroad to advocate this idea and participate in growing it to a public demand.

Political-Executive Board of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian-Majority

June 30, 2008


افزودن نظر جدید