Start of Preparatory Negotiations, a Step toward Nuclear Crisis Resolution

The Islamic Republic responded to the Group 5+1 package and Javier Solana’s spokesperson announced that Solana’s phone conversation with Saeid Jalili about Iran’s response to the Foreign Ministers of Group 5+1 letter was positive. According to the Iranian media, both sides have agreed to have a preparatory meeting in mid July.

Te details of the Islamic Republic response to the package and its reaction to the main issue (suspension of uranium enrichment) have not been revealed but Saeid Jalili has said that Tehran has responded based on “focusing on common grounds and constructive and creative view”. Some sources from inside Iran claimed that Iran’s proposals contain new points for exiting the current deadlock and starting negotiations and its main part is a new definition of uranium enrichment. Based on this definition “Iran’s centrifuges continue their rotations, but new injection of UF6 and manufacturing and erection of new centrifuges will be halted.”

Members of Group 5+1 have not declared their views about Iran’s response. According to the White House spokesperson, talks among these six countries continue.

Manucher Mottaki and Aliakbar Velayati’s (the Supreme Leader’s international affairs advisor) remarks and Javier Solana’s positive reaction to Iran’s response, agreement on starting preparatory talks and published materials in media could be an interpretive of the fact that the Islamic Republic has reacted with a softer language to the Group 5+1 package to open a window for bilateral talks. However, different voices are also heard from Tehran which have angle with the above process. Ahmadinejad and Gholamhpssein Elham have said that the Islamic Republic policies on nuclear project have not changed.

The Islamic Republic reaction the proposed package and its a new definition of uranium enrichment for exiting the current deadlock and its readiness for starting negotiations could be interpreted as a constructive action for resolving the nuclear crisis and stopping international sanctions and military actions. But there are serious doubts about the Islamic Republic goals. In negotiations with the Group 5+1, is the Islamic republic determined to come up with an agreement on enrichment issue and to build international confidence about its nuclear program? Or is it pacing the road of buying time to carry on with its programs to the end Bush’s presidency and escaping the main negotiations?

The Political-Executive Board of our organization has assessed that positive response to the proposed package as a base for talks is in our country’s national interest and has demanded that experts be able to discuss the content of the package freely and people should have their final verdict on it through a referendum.

The Political-Executive Board of our organization believes that by accepting to enter the negotiations, an ideal opportunity has been created. This opportunity accompanies with uneasiness about the Islamic Republic goals. To eliminate this uneasiness, censorship should be removed from the media and experts and political activists should be able to discuss the nuclear project and negotiations about it and public opinion should be able to observe and participate in the negotiation process.

 Political-Executive Board of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian-Majority

July 9, 2008


افزودن نظر جدید