The Islamic Republic Crimes against Kurdish Prisoners Intensifies

On May 16, 2008, Kurdish prisoner, Kaveh Azizpour lost his life in the regime prison. He was arrested two years ago for political reasons and was sentenced to three years in prison. But he was kept in the captivity of the Information Ministry in Mahabad and Orumieh Prisons. The Information interrogators tortured him to death. Azizpour had a brain stroke while being tortured and died after two brain surgeries. He was only twenty five years old. Kaveh Azizpour’s death added another page to the Islamic Republic dark record that has killed several political prisoners in its prisons by torturing them to death. Kaveh’s death is another regime’s action in the direction of intensifying crimes against Kurdish political prisoners. Brain stroke of Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand, a Kurdish journalist, on May 19, 2008 in the notorious Evin prison is another case of this type of crimes. Kaboudvand has been kept in prison for almost a year just for his role in banned weekly publication of “Kurdistan People’s Message”. Regime has issued a 150 million tomman bail for him. Kaboudvand’s family is not able to provide this huge amount of money.

Our organization condemns the Islamic Republic intensifying crimes against Kurdish political prisoners and asks the international bodies to put more pressure on the Islamic regime to release Iranian political prisoners.

The Executive-Political Board of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian – Majority (OIPFM)

May 23, 2008


افزودن نظر جدید