Views and Goals of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian - Majority (OIPFM)


Views and Goals of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian - Majority (OIPFM)

Ratified Instrument of the Fifth Congress

1- OIPFM advocates democracy, progress, social justice, and socialism. Nationally and globally, peace is the main human beings’ demand which ensures success in achieving the
above goals. We believe that advocating independency of the country and national interests and advocating equal and brotherly relations between all nations go hand in hand. Our
organization advocates human rights, thus, fights against any national, class, gender, racial, and ideological discrimination. In today’s world, preserving environment is one of
humanity’s main goals. This goal is one of the main pillars of our political plan.

2- We believe that class struggle is a reality. In the current struggle between labor and capital in the global capitalism system we belong to labor camp. The Iranian society consists of various classes. Class gap is in such a way that a group who owns the capitals is privileged to have unlimited welfare and in contrast, workers and toilers are deprived of ordinary human life. Our organization recognizes class society and these cruel discriminations against human dignity and fights for their abolition. Based on these believes, we build our program on defending the interests of workers, rural toilers, intellectuals, and all wage workers and blueand white-color workers of the contemporary society.

3- Whereas women, youths, and national and religious minorities, in attaining their needs confront difficulties more often or are target of dual cruelty and discrimination, we base
another pillar of our socio-political program on defending the special interests of these social groups.

4- Freedom and human rights are prime goals of our organization’s political agendum. All people must be totally free in adopting, expressing, writing, and defending their views and
believes – including political, philosophical, religious, scientific, etc. We advocate separation of religion and state and consider any ideological hegemony and any kind of  dictatorship contrary to the people’s interests.

5- Our organization believes that sovereignty and power arise from the people’s will. Our organization believes in people-based system based on people’s vote and free election in
appointing state officials, in limited duration, periodic and peaceful transformation of power, and in partisan and multi-party system.

6- We believe in integration of political, economic, and social democracies. We believe that more power distribution in the society and participation and direct and voluntary involvement of people in political, economic, and social aspects of life, control of the government by improvement of civic society and political, vocational, and democratic institutions and social movements of women, youths, environment and peace are necessary for growth of  comprehensive democracy.

7- We believe that democracy and social justice go hand in hand. Securing social justice is the backbone of democracy and peaceful relations in the society and in the absence of democracy and people’s democratic rights accomplishment of social justice would not be possible.

Views For Development and Modernity
8- Our country’s recent one hundred-year history has been witnessing the battle between tradition and modernity and struggle to overcome underdevelopment of the society. Despite achieving some kind of successes, the chronic problem of underdevelopment and traditionalism still exists. Underdevelopment and traditionalism are the pretexts of political
dictatorship and people’s misery. Whilst we appreciate those traditions which positively affect development of the society, we believe that struggle for democracy and social justice
goes hand in hand with the struggle for cultural, social, and economic revival.

For Preservation of Environment
9- Environmental crisis is one of the most critical issues nationally and globally. Due to explosive growth of the population, uncontrolled growth of the cities and industries, and
plundering use of natural resources by the capitalism production, living conditions in our planet are at serious stake. In our country also because of explosive growth of the population and the Islamic Republic destructive policies, the issue of the environment has become a serious concern. Because of individual and self interests, free market economy is not able to resolve the issue of environment. Destruction of environment must be stopped, the whole system of production and consumption must be redefined, and new technology in harmony with the nature must be adopted. Transfer of activities and products which are harmful to the environment to the developing countries and exploitation of the environment must be stopped.

10- In view of the fact that the Islamic Republic is advocating and intensifying the culture of male domination, women are under intense discrimination and considered as second-class citizens. The foundation of male domination is essentially laid on the discrimination against women and violation of their human rights and secures men’s superiority over them. In our opinion all discriminatory laws and rules against women must be abolished and all men dominated structures in various aspects of social life must be restructured and women must be able to achieve equality with respect to their rights, status, and esteems. Securing women’s equality is one of the democracy and civil society pillars and one of the main elements of human rights. Securing democracy without securing women’s rights does not mean a single thing. To secure their equality in social and human rights, women need to have their independent institution.

National Minorities
11- Iran is a country with various national minorities. We believe in equality and free and voluntary coexistence of the national minorities in one country. We believe in a wide range
of political, cultural, and social authorities for different regions of the country, especially regions which are the habitats of national minorities. We believe that non-centralized
governing systems such as federalism secure national minority rights. We fight against any minority, national, and race superiority and fight for securing national minority rights.


12- Our organization supports establishment and expansion of progressive movements in all aspects of social life. We believe that ever-increasing growth of feminism, nvironmentalism, youth, and other social movements are serving the culture of democracy and strengthening of human right principles in the world.

National Interests and International Relations
13- In the context of equal and brotherly relations with the rest of the world, our organization advocates our country’s national interests and independence. North-South current relations are unjust, plundering, and hegemonic. These relations have kept the status quo in the undeveloped countries of the South, secured the existence of dictatorship regimes, and increased poverty. Our organization believes in restructuring these relations and establishment of a genuine new order based on equal rights for all countries.

International Solidarity
14- We advocate international solidarity in defending peace, environment, fighting against unjust present international economic system and hegemony of the developed capitalist countries and collectively struggling for securing democracy and social justice. We support pro freedom and pro justice struggles of the people of other countries.

15- We fight for securing the above-mentioned values and view socialism as our ultimate aspiration which manifests those values and human intentions. We believe that capitalism
system is the root of class oppression, injustice, plundering misuse of the environment, war and mass unemployment and also the root of many social disharmonies. In the beginning of the twenty first century, capitalism is showing its debility in facing human difficulties which its own has created many of them. We believe that socialism, wherein human is the centre of attention is the only alternative which can tackle human’s issues.

16- Socialism is a human and democratic system wherein human’s free and comprehensive growth is secured and human beings have equal right and value in enjoying life’s gifts. In our view, socialism is an integrated, peaceful, and non-violent society founded on self determination system, extensive political and economic democracy with people’s maximum
participation. In our view, in terms of history, socialism is not an ultimate; on the contrary, it is a struggle to reach beyond capitalism relations.

17- We believe that socialism values develop within the capitalism society and socialism will expand on those values. We believe that fight toward achieving these values is human’s
present responsibility and should not be postponed to tomorrow. Further more to political struggle, achieving socialism values requires continuous and long term mental-cultural work. We struggle for expansion and institutionalization of democratic and pro-justice thoughts, equal rights between women and men, and establishment of a modest relation between human and nature.

18- Political power, by itself is not able to fundamentally metamorphose the society. For fundamental and stable metamorphosis, scientific knowledge and culture play important roles. Existence of mental-cultural movement, fighting against non-progressive and non-scientific traditionalism, and promoting modernism and scientific thoughts are the definitive necessities in building a socialist society.

Nature of the Organization
19- We believe in pluralism in our organization and emphasize on adopting new ideas and metamorphosis of the organization. We recognize the right for various spectrums of thoughts based on views and general goals and freedom of expression of the members inside and outside of the organization. We also believe in diversity of views and united action in the organization. We try to unify the organization forces on these general goals and views. Rather than banishing and separation, we emphasize on coexistence of diverse thoughts and political spectra in various forms and shapes, including legitimate factions.



افزودن نظر جدید


There is no denying that Eritrea, like all conetrius in Africa and other parts of the world, will need to work on its human rights record. However, given the highly negative role that the British gov. has been playing in the Horn of Africa, I read this report with a large pinch of salt.I find the report to be self-serving, selective and highly political. The report stays mum on massive Human Rights abuses in a number of ‘friendly’ conetrius.For example, the atrocities that have been committed in Ethiopia are completely ignored.The collective rights of the entire population of Eritrea have been abused historically by the international community in general and the British gov. in particular in denying Eritreans their independence and providing unconditional support to successive Ethiopian governments to commit unimaginable atrocities in Eritrea. The British gov. today not only turns a blind eye when the rights of Eritreans to live in peace is being violated and their land occupied in violation of international law, but is at the forefront of conetrius that pushed for unjust and unfair sanctions against the people of Eritrea without presenting a shred of evidence to support it. An arms embargo is placed on Eritrea while Ethiopia is left scot free to wage unprovoked attack against it. Eritreans are denied their basic rights to self defence, which is enshrined in the UN Charter. The British gov has been providing Ethiopia a diplomatic, political and financial support to enable it avoid punishment for violating the final and binding rulings of the Boundary Commission and continue with its occupation of Eritrean sovereign land.Many Eritreans are still unable to return back to their ancestral land that has been occupied by force for over ten years. Isn’t this a violation of human rights? Am I now expected to believe that the British gov. sincerely care for the Human Rights of the people of Eritrea? It is a seriously sick joke.