We welcome this peace initiative and call on citizens to join this movement


Ref.nr 154                                                                                                                                         April -02-2012


Initiated by two Israeli citizens who posted a message of friendship to Iranians through Facebook, the cyberspace is witnessing broad activities in support of this initiative. Social networks users have followed up the message of peace and friendship, thereby posing their personal contributions to this movement. Thousands of Israeli and Iranians have already sent peace and friendship postings to underline a signal to politicians in opposition to war, the message that statesmen do not have their mandate if they try to promote a policy of war and threat.

We welcome this peace initiative and call on citizens to join this movement. Today, instruments like the Internet and social networks can be used by people who miss the expression of their will and desire in official and state media and want to let the world hear their voice. Certainly the vast majority of the Iranian and Israeli people are against any tension and military conflict between the two countries. For this voice of peace to be heard more loudly than the drums of war, we have to join the initiatives for peace and friendship in social networks and also use all other means to echo the quest for peace.

As one of the Iranian political forces, we declare that relationship between Iran and Israel must be free from tension and based on mutual respect. Differences between the two states can and must be discussed in direct bilateral talks, whereby the two sides enjoy equal rights, recognise the other party’s right to exist and live in security and avoid the language of threat and hostility.

Organisation of Iranian People’s Fadaian (Majority)

Political and Executive Committee





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