We support the invitation for assembly to demand increase in wages



February 12, 2013


      We support the invitation for assembly to demand increase in wages

The coordinator of the workers’ 30000-signature statement requested a permit from Tehran Province Office for a 2-hour workers’ assembly in front of the Ministry of Labor on February 16, 2013.  The workers want to protest against low wages and demand for a wage increase that factors in the actual inflation and family expenses.

The coordinating committee began its activities for wage increase and few other demands some time ago by collecting signatures and organizing rallies in front of the congress as well as meeting with the Minister of Labor and congressmen.  The activities of this committee have gained widespread workers’ support due to its timeliness and have obligated certain authorities to do negotiations instead of resorting to threats and use of military force.

The workers are demanding increase in wages.  However, the Supreme Council of Work (SCW) wants to determine minimum wage in the absence of representatives from independent workers unions.  By the February 16th assembly, the workers want to voice their objections to the government and managements in the manufacturing sector.  They also want to prevent the SCW from violating their rights and blocking a reasonable wage increase similar to its action during the past years.

The coordinating committee has pursued workers’ demands through legal channels and in a non-violent way while remained loyal to workers interests.  There is no reason or excuse for the government to prevent workers assembly.

Dear Workers!

The invitation for assembly by the coordinating committee to publicize workers’ demands is a positive step and must be supported.  We support this action and ask the workers to attend the assembly.  No doubt that your mass participation in this assembly will be heard by the SCW and influence the determination of minimum wage.

Political-Executive Board of the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadaian (Majority)



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