On the recent arrests of Journalists in Iran



January31, 2013


Statement by the Political and Executive Committee of Iranian People’s Fedaian (Majority)

on the recent arrests of Journalists in Iran.



Iranian regime is afraid of the unrest and uprising by the poor and dissidents of the current situations.  This fear is prudent in the sudden raid to five newspapers and arrest of fourteen journalists within four days.  Government’s security and intelligence apparatus have executed the prosecutions and oppression of the public sphere as a precautionary action in the months preceding the presidential elections.

Journalists are not threat to the national security nor do they have access to classified information to pass it on to foreign news agencies, the alleged accusations the intelligence ministry has used for their arrests.  Their only crime in fact is dissemination of information.  Iranian regime feels threatened by the independent journalists and the information they distribute.  Citizens' miserable life situation, their demands and outcries are reflected in journalists’ reports and articles.  They reveal the corruption that has roots in the government’s enablers, the leader of the Islamic Republic (Vali_e Faqih) and Revolutionary Guards Corps and regime's dismal and dark report card. Newspapers have further broadcast opinions of the dissidents and the opposition movement.  Islamic Republic has become the largest prison for journalists while the security and intelligence forces continue to arrest or force them to exile.

We join all the freedom seekers of our country, the journalists and international organizations in condemning the widespread arrest of Iranian journalists and demand that they be immediately released.

The Political and Executive Committee of Iranian People’s Fedaian (Majority)


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