Whistle Blowers

Whistle Blowers

Farah Notash

Vienna July 2013


Men of tomorrow

Believing the change

Brave as sunrise

Moved by the rage


Spying on people …spying on states

Crime in their sights

As they believe

 For all…human rights


Rebellious motto

Is revelation

Whistle Blowers

And their huge selection


Edward Snowden

So pure in face

World wide support …is the least

For hero’s grace


Spying regime

Honorless regime

Mass murderer

The USA regime


Bradley Manning …for human love

Has bitter time in chain

Heavily tortured

Driven the USA insane


Opening the door

Brave Ecuador

Giving patronage

To the world’s Julian Assange


Latino leaders

In Bolivia… Venezuela…and Nicaragua

With warm supports …Know the USA

As Castro and Che Guevara


Two sides of the coin

World’s love … for whistle blowers

And hatred for the USA

Mass murderer…giving spying orders





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